College Football World Reacts To Nick Saban Post-Game Rant

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If there's one person who can reliably deliver a good rant to the media even after a big win, it's Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

Yesterday he gave us another great one.

The following questions about the position of Left Guard Emil Ekior and his location on the depth chart,

Saban began to brag about how negative the official depth chart has become for his team.

He suggested that they may stop issuing formal depth charts to prevent frequent inquiries.

"Now, if Emil hadn't missed 5 days of practice, I'm not sure who would have started on the left guard," Saban said.

"Because there's competition in every position, which is a good thing. My biggest point, and this might be the last time you ever get one.

My biggest issue with the entire team was the day the depth chart came out,

So you must have seen for the last time. You all must have seen the last time. Because that's all you care about."

As Saban says among many other things, he is getting a lot of praise on the media for going this way. But some fans -

Texas fans in particular — are outraged that Saban is being praised for it, while Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkeesian was roasted for doing the exact same thing:

Still others are tired of Saban acting like this after every basic question he's asked:

There's definitely something to be said for how old the shtick from Saban is getting.

But as long as he keeps on winning, his ways are above reproach.

If people want Saban to change his ways, he must first lose a lot of games.

If people want Saban to change his ways, he must first lose a lot of games.And the way he builds his team, that's not happening this year.