College Football World Reacts To Jim Harbaugh Recruiting News

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Michigan is coming off the Big Ten Championship season,

That included a college football playoff berth, but the Wolverines have had some disappointing misses this season.

Most notably, five-star quarterback Dante Moore, who was introduced by Michigan after seventh grade,

Recently committed to Oregon instead.

Dante Moore had just finished seventh grade when Jim Harbaugh offered QB a scholarship and prioritized his recruiting.

On Friday, Moore chose Oregon anyway. Can M's U offset another huge recruitment loss?

Harbaugh has done this before," tweeted Dan Wetzel.

Michigan fans are optimistic.

"The issue here should not be that he chose Oregon.

Must be like that "proposed" to a kid going to 8th grade,' tweeted one fan.

"People are making a big deal out of it.

Just because you have contacted a child at the age of 13/14, it does not guarantee their NLI.

Moore was always considered an out-of-state kid as he grew up. Also Gatiss didn't help move on, but he's splitting hairs," wrote one fan.

Although not everyone is.

"Not dropping Harbaugh last year would be UM's worst decision ever.

And Harbaugh knew he was going to fail to recruit like

This is when his best assistant left and he begged for an NFL job," said one fan.

How will Harbaugh and Michigan fare in 2022?

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