College Football World Reacts To Cale Gundy Daughter News

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The situation in Black Gundi is starting to get a little weird.

Gundy, who was the chief of Oklahoma's coaching staff, suddenly resigned Sunday night.

He wrote in a statement that he noticed a player was distracted during a film session and decided to take his iPad and read what he wrote.

His daughter Kat is now adding a different layer to the story. In a deleted tweet,

He reportedly told head coach Brent Venables to tell his players to keep their mouths shut about what really happened.

He is confident that the real truth will come out at some point.

It didn't take long for the college football community to react to the news.

Gundy played in Oklahoma from 1990–93 before returning to his alma mater in 1999.

He spent 16 years as a running back coach, then coached seven more receivers.

The result of this looks like it gets messy before it gets better.