College Football Playoff "Eyeing" 1 Date For Expansion

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It took a lot longer than we all thought, but the college football playoffs eventually agreed to expand the tournament grounds to 12 teams.

Now that they have decided on a format, they are hoping to fix a date to start it.

For this, the Management Committee is eyeing its completion in 2024.

"The focus is on the timetable," US Athletic Conference commissioner Mike Eresco said via ESPN.

"Our mind is very focused because we know that if it's going to happen we have to get it done.

And I think the goal will be to get it done, but who knows."

Right now, the college football playoff contract is not set to expire until after the 2025 season.

After that, 12 teams can be applied immediately.

But with that extra money on the table,

Moving that timetable forward may be a new priority.

ESPN estimates that the college football playoffs stand to add about $450 million in revenue by switching to the 12-team format two years ago.

If those numbers are real, they'll find a way to accomplish this.

And just like that, an issue that once seemed impossible to achieve has suddenly become so easy to do that the timetable can be extended for several whole years.

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