College Football Playoff Chairman Asked If Players Will Be Compensated With New Playoff

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The increased size of the college football playoff arena would undoubtedly mean another massive financial gain for the Powers in college football.

But with the movement to pay college football players increased for their services,

Will the players see the same financial benefits?

Speaking to the media this afternoon, CFP President Bill Hancock was asked the same question.

Hancock replied that there were "important conversations" and nothing substantive.

"The management committee and our board were having important talks to provide some benefits to the players.

We are doing things for the players now, (the question is) what else can be done," Hancock said.

This seems like a very long way of saying "no".

But that shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

The idea of ​​compensating players in any college sport has been put off by the NCAA at almost every turn for decades.

It took a federal court case to force the NCAA to allow name, image and likeness compensation.

And yet, the NCAA is intent on reining in it as much as possible.

Except for federal law that takes the power of the NCAA to decide such things away from the organization,

It seems that none of the financial benefits they get from any major network deal will go directly to the players.

But college football has often taught us to expect the unexpected.