Colin Cowherd: Things "Could Get Ugly" For 1 NFL Team

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Seven teams enter Week 2 with a 0-1 record and at least a handful are likely to emerge 0-2.

But for Colin Cowherd, there is one team that has more at stake this weekend than the others.

In Friday's edition of The Herd, Cowherd argued that the Dallas Cowboys were in danger of losing their season if they lost to the Bengals this weekend.

He pointed out that the Cowboys are in danger of being two games behind in the NFC East race and things can get ugly from there.

Cowherd also took issue with Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy openly criticizing the work done by offensive coordinator Kellen Moore.

He concludes that the Cowboys are becoming more like the Raiders in the late years of Al Davis' life.

- Constantly laughing at being unable to identify their problems.

Stephen A. Smith, the famous Dallas Cowboy hater, has often said that when it comes to Cowboys,

"What can go wrong, will go wrong."

And unfortunately for fans, that's largely been true since his big win in Super Bowl XXX.

Cowboys have just two playoff wins

And has made no trip to the NFC Championship Game in the last 25-plus years, despite posting 13 winning seasons since the last Super Bowl victory.

2022 could turn out to be another lost season if the Cowboys don't build up some momentum before Duck Prescott comes back.

Is Colin Cowherd right?