Colin Cowherd Reveals Score Prediction For Browns-Panthers Game

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Baker Mayfield's first NFL game since being traded to the Carolina Panthers would be against the same team that once called him their savior: the Cleveland Browns.

And Colin Cowherd has made his official prediction on the winner.

During his Blazing 5 segment on The Herd, Cowherd predicted that Mayfield and the Panthers would beat the Browns at Bank of America Stadium this Sunday.

He predicted a final score of 27–23 in the Panthers' victory.

Cowherd explained that between Carolina's decent defense, solid drafting, and Mayfield's ability to "motivate" in games that are personal to him,

He could have given the Panthers a win over the Browns.

The Fox host doesn't believe the Browns will be able to match quarterback Jacobi Brissette Mayfield.

"Carolina, back-to-back, I have drafts that I love.

Cleveland is using career-average backup, Baker has a history of being driven for individual games - I'm gonna take the Panthers 27-23," Cowherd said.

The Panthers-Brown game with the Seahawks-Broncos game for the most interesting inter-conference matchup of Week 1.

The storyline between the two teams has been going on for several months.

Baker Mayfield was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft that helped transform the Browns from a winning team to a playoff team in just three years.

But after a down year in 2021, the team sent him to Carolina to sign Deshan Watson.

While the Browns lost Watson to a suspension in the first dozen games of the season.

On Sunday, Mayfield Brown must show he made a mistake.