Colin Cowherd Makes His Opinion Of Mitch Trubisky, Kenny Pickett Clear: Fans React

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Colin Cowherd has been praising Kenny Pickett all week. This trend continued on Saturday night as well.

While watching the Steelers' preseason game tonight, Cowherd complained about Mitchell Trubisky playing so much.

He is ready for the picket era to be off and running.

Cowherd said, "Okay, that's pretty cool Mitch. Let's get to @kennypickett10 already."

Cowherd all aboard the Kenny Pickett promotional train. He is not alone.

"Kenny Pickett is the best cube on this team. Start that guy. When the lights come on.

He turns it on," wrote one fan.

Another fan wrote, "I think they have something special.. Kids are absolutely gamers."

"Pickett looks great.

Are you watching Mike Tomlin? Because he's outplaying Mitch for the second game in a row," said one fan.

If Kenny Pickett continues to play well, Mike Tomlin could start him over Mitch Trubisky in the first week.

That's certainly what Colin Cowherd is hoping for.

The Steelers currently trail the Jaguars 8-7 in the third quarter.