Colin Cowherd Has Blunt Message For Notre Dame Fans Amid 0-2 Start

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Notre Dame fell 0-2 in the season this Saturday, losing to Marshall at home.

Once this shocking result was finalized, Colin Cowherd called the Fighting Irish.

Cowherd, who has been a big supporter of Brian Kelly for many years,

Salt was sprinkled on the wounds of Notre Dame fans this afternoon.

"Brian Kelly can coach. Get your shots now," Cowherd tweeted. "LSU is running until next year and nd now 0-2."

When Notre Dame lost Kelly to LSU, Cowherd said it would not be easy for the program to replace him.

So he's taking the victory lap this weekend.

Of course, Marcus Freeman can turn the story around him by bringing Notre Dame into a winning streak.

But first they have to break the three-match losing streak.

On Saturday, Freeman became the first head coach in Notre Dame history to lose his first three games.

Notre Dame will be back in action against Cal next weekend.