Chiefs-Chargers Isn't On Cable TV - Here's Where To Watch

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The Chiefs-Chargers rivalry has become one of the best in all football thanks to high-octane offenses led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

and Justin Herbert. Their first two regular season meetings this season will be contested tonight -

But flipping stations won't help you find it.

Outside of the local network, tonight's Chiefs-Chargers game will only be available through the Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

The greats Al Michaels and ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit will be on the call.

Amazon made sure to get several big names into its studio for the start of Thursday Night Football season on Prime Video.

Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and cornerback Richard Sherman will conduct pregame analysis along with Charissa Thompson.

Amazon has left no stone unturned in trying to compete with the likes of CBS, NBC, Fox and ESPN for a piece of the NFL rating pie.

The league is giving them one of the biggest games of the year to show them the fruits of their labor.

In previous years, Thursday night football was viewed as a low-level broadcast,

Low-stakes matchups and occasional gimmicks such as their "Color Rush" promotion.

But after Amazon took over Thursday Night Football,

The retail giant quickly began investing heavily in making its broadcasts bigger, better, and more like their cable counterparts.

We'll find out just how far Amazon has come in just a few hours.

Chief-Chargers coverage starts at 7 PM. Kickoff is coming to 8:15 p.m. ET on Prime Video. ET.