Buck Showalter Makes Feelings On Yankees Return Very Clear

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Former New York Yankees manager Buck Showalter will return to the Bronx on Monday night as manager of the New York Mets.

Showalter, who was never able to lead the Yankees to the World Series title,

Managed games as away manager at Yankee Stadium when he was with the Baltimore Orioles.

It could feel a little different on Monday night, though, as Showalter will take on the Yankees in the Subway series against the Mets.

Showalter made it clear he would be proud on Monday night.

"Proud. I'm going to feel proud," said Showalter after the Mets' win over the Phillies on Sunday.

There are a lot of Yankees fans who would probably prefer Showalter to his current manager, Aaron Boone.

The Subway Series should be fun from Yankee Stadium this week.