Browns Worked Out Veteran Tight End On Thursday

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The Cleveland Browns are looking to add tight end depth with only two players on the roster at that location.

Cleveland hired veteran tight end Jesse James today, according to the league's discount telegram.

James spent the previous season with the Chicago Bears.

Prior to this, he was friendly for the Detroit Lions (2019-20) and Pittsburgh Steelers (2015-18).

In seven NFL seasons, James has caught 157 passes for 1,522 yards.

And 12 touchdowns, the majority of that damage is coming with Pittsburgh.

The Penn State alum played 14 games for the Bears last season, making nine starts.

James caught seven passes and one touchdown for 62 yards.

The Browns already have David Nojoku and Harrison Bryant as their top two tight ends,

So adding James would give him a more experienced option in that space.