Browns Sign Veteran Quarterback: Fans React

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It was reported on Thursday that Josh would sign a one-year deal with Rosen.

Cleveland Brown. The move became official on Friday.

Rosen, 10th pick overall from the 2018 NFL Draft,

Spent 2021 season with Atlanta Falcons.

He finished the year with only 19 passing yards and two interceptions.

It is believed that Rosen will come to the training camp and compete

The rest of the quarterback behind Deshaun Watson on the depth chart.

At this time he has a lot of fans who are surprised by this signing.

Of course, there are some fans who are hoping Roseanne gets

A chance to change your NFL career.

Rosen, 25, entered the NFL with a ton of promise,

But he could not establish himself in any one team.

Since 2018, Rosen has been with five different organizations.

This obviously won't help his development.

Perhaps this upcoming stint in Cleveland will allow Rosen to get his career on the right track.