Brett Favre Makes His Opinion On Jimmy Garoppolo Extremely Clear

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Most of the NFL world approved of the San Francisco 49ers' decision to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo and enter the Trey Lance era.

Well, except NFL legend Brett Favre.

Favre thinks the 49ers are making a big mistake by moving on from Garoppolo.

Why? The veteran quarterback has a winning track record.

Garoppolo has led the 49ers to two NFC championships in three seasons.

However, the NFC West franchise feels that the veteran has a lot of limitations that have stalled a Super Bowl victory.

Favre said, "What Jimmy has done is win...and win...and win. Letting him go, to me, is absolutely insane."

Moving from Jimmy Garoppolo to Tre Lance is undoubtedly a big risk.

Lance is a big unknown until he gets more time to play in the Bay Area.

He hasn't played much football over the years.

However, Garoppolo's boundaries really limited the San Francisco 49ers' offense over the past few seasons.

He became a liability in late game situations and had to really rely on the Niners' rapid attack to open the play-action game of the playbook.

Lance also offers a double threat ability that Garoppolo does not have.

His ability to lift yards off the ground will be a huge advantage for the 49ers this fall.

The Niners will begin the 2022 season against the Chicago Bears on September 11.