Breaking: Prominent NFL Player Accused Of Gang-Raping Girl

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Disturbing news broke out this Thursday involving the San Diego State football team.

A civil suit filed Thursday charged three San Diego state football players, including Buffalo Bills painter Matt Araiza,

who gang-raped a 17-year-old girl at an off-campus party last year.

Ariza, who drafted the bills in April, was accused of having an out-of-home relationship with a minor.

Then he allegedly brought her to a room where she was repeatedly raped.

The trial says she regained consciousness and passed out, but recalls moments where the men allegedly assaulted her.

Other players named in the lawsuit are Javier Leonard and Novellín "Pa" Ivalico.

Ariza's attorney, Kerry Armstrong, said she had not reviewed the complaint. However, he termed the allegation of rape as false.

"It's a shakedown because he's with the Buffalo Bills now," Armstrong said via the Los Angeles Times. "There's no doubt in my mind that Matt Ariza ever raped that girl."

After an impressive preseason, Ariza won the starting job at Buffalo. He punts for 82 yards earlier this month.

It is unclear whether this lawsuit will affect Ariza's status for the regular season.