Breaking: NASCAR Announces Massive Team Penalty Decision

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On Tuesday afternoon, NASCAR heavily punished the No. 34 front row motorsports team.

"NASCAR officials on Tuesday issued an L2-level penalty to the No. 34 front row motorsports team,

punishing the team with 100 Driver Points and 100 Owner Points after a NASCAR Cup Series race at Pocono Raceway,"

NASCAR said in a statement.

but that's not all.

Crew chief Blake Harris also received a significant suspension and fine.

Michael McDowell, the driver, will be penalized if he wins one of the next five races.

"Crew chief Blake Harris has been fined an additional $100,000 and suspended from the next four NASCAR Cup Series championship points events,"

The statement said. "If Driver Michael McDowell

and the team wins one of the remaining five races in the regular season and/or qualifies for the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs,

The team will also have 10 playoff points."

McDowell was credited with a sixth-place finish at Pocono Raceway after the disqualifications of Denny Hamlin and Kyle Bush.

However, McDowell's car was randomly selected by the sanctioning body to be taken back to a NASCAR R&D center for further inspection.

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