Bills Reportedly Make Decision On Matt Araiza For Tonight's Game

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The Buffalo Bills will not trot rookie punter Matt Ariza for tonight's pre-season finale against the Carolina Panthers.

Just yesterday, Ariza was accused in a lawsuit filed in San Diego County Superior Court

And two of her former college mates gang-raped a 17-year-old girl during an off-campus party in October 2021.

Bill waited at least two hours before kickoff to make this call.

The Biles picked Ariza in this year's draft with a sixth-round pick. He Won the Team's Precision Punting Competition

And this coming season was expected to debut for the Buffalo organization.

As ESPN reports, the attorney responsible for filing the lawsuit informed Bills of the upcoming lawsuit in late July.

As further reports from The Athletic, the Buffalo organization has not reached the victim.

After the lawsuit became public on Thursday

Biles issued a statement saying that the organization "has conducted a thorough investigation into this matter."

While he won't play in tonight's pre-season game,

Ariza is in the Bank of America Stadium building.

Ariza and her lawyer denied the horrific allegations,

But "Punt God" admitted to having sex with an underage girl on a recorded phone call.

The bills against the Panthers will start at 7 pm. ET.