Bill Plaschke Column Is Going Viral: NBA World Reacts

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Longtime NBA analyst Bill Plaschke released a new column for the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday.

column title?

"LeBron James' New Contract Guarantees One Thing - More to Mediocre"

On Wednesday, LeBron agreed a contract extension with the Lakers worth $97.1 million

Including a player option for the 2024–25 season.

Plaschke clearly doesn't think this was the right move for the Los Angeles outfit.

“An organization in need of a massive rebuild has just signed up for a lucrative re-run.

A franchise lacking youthfulness and depth that only made its fortunes with a man who would play his last guaranteed season at 39," he wrote.

A team that needs to build for the future is stuck in the past,

Matter for the scorching sun, clinging to an aging star, even as the sky is collapsing around them."

The NBA world took to Twitter to respond to this column.

"Why do you still cover Team Man. You hate him," wrote one fan.

"He won the goddamn championship in 2020, what are you f - what are you talking about," said another.

"I've never read a title I agree more with," said another.

"One of the greatest in history," wrote another.

LeBron produced some incredible figures in his 19th NBA season, but his team struggled to find any real success.

What was originally supposed to be an anti-title roster,

The Lakers went 33-49 and missed the playoffs.

The all-time Great Hopper will try to prove Pleschke wrong in the coming season.