Bill Belichick Reacts To Season Opening Loss On Sunday

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Once again, Bill Belichick found himself on the losing end of a game in Miami, this time in a season-opening loss against the Dolphins.

Despite Mike McDaniel being head coach in the first year,

The Dolphins made very quick work of the New England Patriots, scoring the first 17 points in a 20-7 victory.

Dagger could be the second quarter rumble for a touchdown that was scored by Dolphins defender Melvin Ingram.

Or maybe a 42-yard Jaylen Waddell touchdown at the end of the first half could give Miami a 17-0 lead.

After the game, Belichick spoke to the media and accused Miami of losing two of the big plays.

He called it a disappointing loss, but thought it was a "pretty even".

"Well, it's obviously a disappointing start here. It was actually a pretty even game.

Two big plays, 14 points really skewed the game,” Belichick said.

A loss is a loss though, and fans didn't like Bill Belichick's answer here:

"What? I know Bibi has won eight Superbowls, but was he watching the same game tonight as me?" One Twitter user said.

"It's true, the Ravens/Jets game was pretty cool too, other than those 3TD plays," joked another.

"What game was he watching?" A third asked.

As the 2022 season begins, a series of questions become even greater.

It's 16 more games for Bill Belichick to change the narrative,

But the first impression on what the season would be like was not good.