Basketball World Reacts To Summer League's 'Sudden Death' Overtime Format

Image credit -Getty Images

Basketball fans were treated to an exciting overtime format during Saturday's Summer League bout between the Magic and Kings.

The Kings miraculously scored six points in seven seconds to send the game to overtime at the end of regulation.

Two of the Summer League squads then played a normal overtime period, which also ended in a tie.

The second overtime implemented a new format: a sudden-death showdown.

The Orlando Magic won the game by making the first basket.

"Things you didn't know about the NBA Summer League: If the first OT ends in a tie, it's sudden death overtime (the next basket wins!!)...

Here Orlando Magic pick Paolo Banchero for the first time to beat the Sacramento Kings on a good dish since 2022," TSN tweeted.

"Sudden death in double OT during Kings-Magic summer league game," wrote Sports Illustrated.

“There are two things here. 1. Never seen crowds like this for a Summer League game, no matter what the situation.

2. Sudden Death Summer League OT rules are awesome," said CJ Vogel.

2. Sudden Death Summer League OT rules are awesome," said CJ Vogel.

"The sudden death of Love the Summer League.

The NBA should adopt it to double OT in the regular season," wrote Ryan Field.

Sudden-death overtime is a great idea.

Maybe the NBA will implement it next season.

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