Another 49ers Running Back Will Miss Time Due To Injury

Image credit - Getty Images

Injuries continue to mount for the San Francisco 49ers this September.

After losing leading rusher Eliza Mitchell for eight weeks and quarterback Trey Lance for the season,

The 49ers have been bitten by the injury bug again.

According to Taylor Bisciotti of the NFL Network, the 49ers running behind Tyrion Davis-Price suffered an ankle sprain.

Per head coach Kyle Shanahan, Davis-Price will miss "a few weeks" as he tries to recover.

Davis-Price is in his rookie season with the 49ers after passing to him in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

He was ranked 93rd overall after a record-setting season at LSU.

A Davis-Price injury has left Jeff Wilson and Deebo Samuel as the only running backs with any experience on the 49ers right now.

Tyrion Davis-Price was a third-rate freshman on the 2019 LSU national championship team,

But didn't get a starting job until his second year with the team.

In 2021, Davis-Price has 1,003 rushing yards since he led the team.

But he etched his name into the LSU history books by running for 287 yards—a school record—against Florida that year.

Now he's trading his way up in the NFL and the good news is that the injury doesn't seem as serious as it did to Eliza Mitchell earlier this month.

However, this can be a matter of little comfort as injuries continue to rise in the Bay Area.