Anonymous NFL Owners React To Deshaun Watson Decision

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NFL owner Deshan agrees with the league's decision to appeal Watson's early suspension.

According to ESPN NFL insider Ed Vedder,

Several anonymous NFL owners believe Watson should be given a more severe punishment than the six-game suspension that was issued to him earlier this month.

One owner described the initial punishment as "too lenient".

Another said, "There just needs to be more of everything.

After a long investigation,

Judge Sue L. Robinson determined that Watson was in violation of the league's personal conduct policy as he had collected 24 civil lawsuits in the past year alleging misconduct.

It decided that a reasonable punishment for starting the 2022 season would be a six-game suspension and no monetary fine.

League commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL decided the sentence was too low and announced the decision to appeal earlier this month.

Rather than electing himself, Goodell hired former New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey to oversee the appeal.

Goodell and the NFL are seeking full-season suspensions for the Cleveland Browns QB.

Given the clear consensus around the league,

This appeal could result in an increased suspension and possible fine for Watson.