Andrew Luck Interview Goes Viral: NFL World Reacts

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What a welcome sight it was to see Andrew Luck back at Stanford on Saturday night.

The former Cardinals quarterback returned to his old stomping ground before being inducted into his College Football Hall of Fame.

But as he usually does, he distanced himself from the spotlight during a sideline interview

And shared it with some extremely influential Stanford women:

To me, it's certainly the College Football Hall of Fame today, but it's Title IX's 50th anniversary.

Stanford Enlists 10 Incredible Women And They're Going To Be Honored At Halftime...

It's special to share this night with the ladies and it's especially timely because now I have two girls.

And I want my girls to have all the opportunities in the world that little boys also get.

The NFL world reacted on social media to Luck's statements.

"Andrew Luck gets it," replied one user. "love this."

"I love how he brought it up," said another.

"He's such a nice guy," commented Fox 59's CJ Hoyt.

Emily Ehman tweeted, "This. And this only. And more of this please."

"Love it," Kyle Long replied.

Well said, Mr. Luck.