49ers Reportedly 'Love' 1 Of Their 2022 Draft Picks

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The San Francisco 49ers had nine picks in the 2022 NFL Draft but none in the top 60.

However, one of his mid rounds is really turning heads in training camp.

According to NFL insider Jordan Schultz, the 49ers "love" rookie right guard Spencer Burford.

Reportedly, the team already sees him as a multi-year supporter and starting quarterback Trey Lance "has full confidence in him."

"It looks like he's already a pro for five years," a team source told Schultz.

"He's very nice, very smart and very tall. He ran in the field outside in college... the plug-and-play guy..."

Burford was a fourth-round selection from UTSA in the 2022 NFL Draft.

He fell to her at the end of the round on Day 3 pick 134.

If he is as good as Schultz's source says, the 49ers may have a gem in their hands.

While at UTSA, Spencer Burford was a two-time All-Conference USA selection.

He played left tackle mostly in college but demonstrated the ability to play in the offensive line.

Burford didn't blow people away at the NFL Scouting Combine, but many scouts and analysts praised him for his quickness.

In San Francisco's offense, which relies on zone blocking, it might fit like a glove.

Burford wasn't exactly heavily recruited to come back from high school in 2018.

If he can showcase the skills of so many people overlooking NFL stardom, he'll have a lot to be proud of.