49ers Player Fires Back At NFL For Seemingly Incorrect Fine

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NFL players are fined on a daily basis for various violations.

But one player is fighting back over the wrongful fine.

San Francisco 49ers safety George Odom received a $5,305 fine this week.

The fine letter states that his pants failed to cover his knee area during the 49ers' recent game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Although Odom vehemently disagrees. take to twitter,

Odom posted a copy of the letter as well as a screenshot of the game - where his knees were very clearly covered.

“So I got a 5k penalty.. yes the NFL is something else. Talking about my knees.

Where?" Odum tweeted.

Based on the photo above, it looks like the league may have mistook George Odom for one of his teammates.

There is a player standing behind Odum who is exposing his knee, but it is not Odum.

If it's a case of mistaken identity then Odom has a big case for getting his fine back.

But if it isn't, the NFL likely has some additional evidence to show the wider football world no more eggs in their faces.

Odum is a former first-team All-Pro safety heading into his first season with the 49ers after spending the first four with the Indianapolis Colts.

He joined the 49ers for three years, a $10.95 million deal in free agency.