Prosecutors Say Young Thug’s YSL Is Both Gang and Rap Label

The case has deeply rocked the pop culture universe, especially in Atlanta, Mr Williams’ hometown, which can lay claim to it as the hip-hop capital of the world. Concern, even outrage, has been voiced by fans, fellow artists, record executives and influential figures, including Stacey Abrams, who was the Democratic nominee for governor last year.

Some have accused the prosecutor, fanie t willis – The aggressive Fulton County district attorney, a black Democrat who runs for former President Donald J. Best known for conducting a criminal investigation into Trump’s post-election interference in Georgia – to make an “application”gang stereotypeto the rap community of Atlanta, and I’m putting black art on trial,

The case has sparked an uproar, given how artists from the poorest parts of Atlanta have shaped global popular music. Young Thug’s nickname and YSL’s slang term of choice mud – has become international, the “wipe your nose” hand gesture a popular nfl celebration,

But recent confessions in court point to a parallel reality: In Atlanta, law enforcement officials say, it has become increasingly difficult to discern the difference between some rap crews and street gangs, and where credibility-obsessed art is actually being sold. overlaps with, it has been difficult to separate from there offense.

Ms Willis argues that Atlanta is suffering from a plague of gang violence, estimating – with a hazy interpretation for the figures – that up to 80 per cent of violent crimes in the area are committed by gang members. She says that an eight-year war between the YSL and a rival gang known as the YFN, Led by another major-label rap artist, accounted for more than 50 incidents.

But in a city with a well-established path from the roughest of streets to a world of fame, fortune and major prizes – often through songs that chronicle, and some argue, an illicit life of drugs and guns. – The nature of gang culture According to the authorities, social media and music are becoming increasingly important in establishing dominance and influence.

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