ESPN Baseball Insider Issues Apology For ‘Hurtful’ Tweet

ESPN MLB insider Jeff Payson is issuing an apology after shooting down “hurtful” tweets aimed at Fox’s Ben Verlander.

ESPN Baseball Insider Issues Apology For 'Hurtful' Tweet
ESPN Baseball Insider Issues Apology For ‘Hurtful’ Tweet,Image credit – Getty images

    On Tuesday night, Pasan said on Twitter that he was sorry and deleted the tweet.

    “Previously, a tweet directed at [Ben Verlander] had crossed the border and was hurtful to many people,” Pasan said.  “I deleted the tweet and sincerely apologized. Although Ben and I have known each other for a while and often joke around on Twitter, this is no excuse for my mistake. I will get better and learn from it.”

    The two baseball personalities were getting back and forth back in the day, when Pasan joked about his love for Angels superstar Shohei Ohtani.

    Verlander shot back with a tweet saying, “Grab a step stool and put it Jeffy Boy in my face.”

    To which ESPN’s well-known Man for All Things Baseball replied, “When you’re talking about Shohei, you’re usually on your knees, aren’t you?”

    It is not known whether ESPN will discipline Passan, but the network will not let that tweet fly without explicitly issuing an apology.

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